Scones / Muffins / Sweet Rolls / Coffee Cakes / Other Specialties

~ Scones: Find out what a “real” scone is — tender, moist & full of flavor!

Blueberry with Lemon Glaze

Cream scone loaded with wild blueberries & topped with a zesty lemon glaze

Oat with a Maple Crunch

A soft oatmeal scone, frosted with a maple glaze and covered in morsels of crunchy oat-y streusel

Seasonal Flavors

Such as: ‘Bowl-of-Oatmeal’, Apricot Pecan, Cranberry Orange, Artisan Oat, Chocolate Chip Espresso, Pumpkin with Spiced Vanilla Glaze, Chocolate Chip

~ Muffins: Big, moist & tasty muffins loaded with fruits & spices

Morning Glory

The ultimate muffin full of carrots, raisins, craisins, walnuts, coconut and pineapple

Cinnamon Puffin

Super light & tender muffin rolled in melted butter & cinnamon sugar

Blueberry Muffins

A classic! Vanilla muffin packed full of wild Maine blueberries

Seasonal Flavors

Such as: Cranberry Orange, American Muffin, Pumpkin Walnut, Pumpkin Yumpkin, Bran, Sweet Potato

~ Sweet Rolls: The stars of our breakfast lineup & a Farmers’ Market mainstay!

Cinnamon Roll

Our #1 best seller! Spiraled beauties that melt in your mouth

Cream Cheese Sweet Roll

Tender, buttery pastry with a pillow of fluffy philly in the middle

Blueberry Cream Cheese Roll

A ribbon of blueberries & cream cheese swirled inside a soft, yeasty dough

Toasty Almond Sweet Roll

Sweetened almond paste center topped with a toasted almond crunch

Seasonal Flavors

Such as: Tart Cherry, Key Lime, Pineapple, Pumpkin, Raspberry, Sunny Lemon

~ 6″ Coffee Cakes

Cinnamon Crumb

A moist, rich vanilla cake topped with sweet cinnamon streusel

Cinnamon Pull-Apart

Hunks of cinnamon roll dough baked together and covered in a sweet glaze

Seasonal Flavors

Such as: Maple Pecan, Chocolate Cinnamon, Fresh Apple

~ Other Specialties

Sour Cream Pecan Coffeecake

Rich cake, swirled with cinnamon and topped with a sweet and every-so-slightly salty pecan streusel

Pecan Sticky Bun

The ultimate in ooey-gooey awesomeness!

Sweet Roll Trays

8 or 16 little sweet rolls, all baked together in an easy-to-serve tray. You choose cinnamon or cream cheese rolls!


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