Big, soft, fresh – find out how good a cookie can be!

Lemon Iced

Delicate French sable with fresh lemon glaze

Vanilla Thumbprint

Egg-free and dairy-free tender cookie filled with colorful vanilla icing

Chocolate Chip

Classic, brown sugar cookie loaded with semisweet chocolate chips

Chewy Ginger

Chewy, giant cookie made with flavorful molasses and ginger

Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookie

Rich, chocolate-y cookie filled with chocolate chips

Peanutty Peanut Butter

Soft, chewy peanut butter cookie loaded with halved peanuts

Cookies N’ Cream

A new creation! Made with cream cheese, broken Oreos and milk chocolate chips


‘Melt-in-your-mouth’ cinnamon sugar cookie

Cranberry Oat Pecan

Chewy, brown sugary cookie loaded with fresh cranberry & toasted pecan

Decorated Buttercream Cookie

Soft cookie custom decorated with vanilla buttercream

Almond Horseshoe

Chewy, sweetened Marzipan, rolled over toasted almonds

Andrè’s Double Doozie

Be an artist! Choose any 2 of our original cookies & make a sandwich, filled with Buttercream or Fudge Frosting

Specialty Flavors

Such as: Nutter Butter, Chocolate Chunk Walnut, Coconut Macaroon, Paradise Cookie, Sugar Cookie, Shaped Iced Cookie, Corn Puddin’, Oatmeal Raisin



Have an allergy or dietary specification? Give us a call & ask about our many options!